Wallpaper Stripper

Product Description

Wallpaper Stripper

This wallpaper stripper is the safest and easiest to use steam wallpaper stripper. Robust and simple to service, it features a unique anti-scald system. It’s designed to efficiently plug and- strip – simply fill with hot or cold tap water and connect to the power supply. It will steam-up in 10 to 25 minutes and continue to run for up to an hour and a half before switching off automatically when a low water level is reached.

The user then simply disconnects the stripper from the power supply, waits 2 minutes to allow the steamer to cool, and then refills. This eliminates the need for the user to remember to constantly check the water level.

Hire Rate

  • $45 Half Day
  • $60 Full Day

Prices Include GST


  • Heater Element 220/250v= 2500watt
  • Power Consumption 220/250v= 10.5A
  • Tank Capacity 7 Litres
  • Steam Plate Weight 800g
  • Dimensions 224mm x 554mm x 382mm
  • Weight 7kg


Tool Hire Taranaki recommends using all necessary safety equipment. We have safety equipment available for hire, for this equipment you would need:

  • Eye protection

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