Portable Gas Heater

Product Description

Portable Gas Heater

Heatmax Portable Gas Heaters are perfect for your party, wedding or event. They are clean burning and can be used indoors and under cover because the gas burns on a ceramic plate, with surplus gas burning a second time, so there are no harmful emissions.
High performance and easily maneuverable. Easy to light and has a highly efficient infra-red gas burner which heats objects and not empty spaces. With 40 hours of burn time from a 9kg gas bottle, it is therefore four times more efficient and it will operate on ¼ the amount of gas that is used by a conventional patio heater.

Hire Rate

  • $170 Full Day Incl. Gas

Prices Include GST


  • Heat Source: Infrared burner
  • Heat Reflection: Side spread
  • Fuel: LPG
  • Bottle Size: 9kg or 12kg or 18kg
  • Bottle Refill Time: 40-80 hr
  • Running Costs: 64cents per hour
  • Emissions: .0001 emissions
  • Dimensions: 2190mm Overall Height / 420mm Width


Tool Hire Taranaki recommends using all necessary safety equipment, we have safety equipment available for hire.

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