Infra-Red Diesel Heater

Product Description

25kw Infra-Red Diesel Heater

This diesel-fuelled portable Infra-Red Diesel Heater is powerful and offers clean, odourless, economical efficiency when and where you need it. It’s ideal for “spot” heating in workshops and construction areas. Ideal for areas where noise reduction and minimal disturbance of dust is a requirement. The fuel tank has a capacity of 43 litres and is able to support over 15 hours of continual operation.

Hire Rate

  • $70 Half Day
  • $90 Full Day
  • + Diesel

Prices Include GST


  • Rated heat power 2nd stage – Hs(kW): 25.8 Hs
  • (kcal/h – BTU/h): 22.185-88.294
  • Heat Efficiency: 100%
  • Fuel Consumption: 1st – 2nd stage (kg/h) 2.04
  • Power consumption 230V: 140W
  • Electrical Power: (V – ph – Hz) 230 – 1 – 50
  • Tank Capacity: 43L
  • Diesel

Infra-Red Diesel Heater Safety

Tool Hire Taranaki recommends using all necessary safety equipment. We have safety equipment available for hire.


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