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Core Drill

Rates (including GST):

$130.00 half day

$170.00 full day

Plus bitwear

Equipment Description

Need a concrete core drill? We have a fully integrated diamond core drilling system supplied complete with drilling motor, drilling rig and connection systems.  Powerful 2000W drilling motor that can be hand held or rig mounted and a robust drilling rig suitable for drilling up to 200mm diameter.


  • Voltage 240V
  • Power Input 2000W
  • Connections  1/2″ BSP  1 1/4″ UNC
  • Load  0-660rpm    0-1550rpm   0-3300rpm
  • Diameter  65-131mm    35-60mm     10-30mm
  • Weight  5.9kg
  • Height 880mm
  • Length 340mm
  • Width  250mm
  • Weight 12kg
  • Max Drill Depth  850mm
  • Max Core Diameter  200mm
  • Operational Tilt 0-90°