All Equipment

2" Petrol Water Pump

Recommended PPE

2" Petrol Water Pump

Rates (including GST):

$85.00 half day

$115.00 full day

Plus 91 petrol

Equipment Description

This powerful Water Blaster is a portable 2″ volume pump. The Honda GX120 engine is easy starting, offers outstanding fuel economy and low emissions. With a 32m total head capable of delivering a maximum capacity of 600L/Min. suction head of 8m. The rubber mount system on full frame provides stability and delivers smooth running with reduced vibration. Designed for easy starting and priming, these pumps are known for their durable construction, quality engines and easy portability.


  • Intel/outlet diameter 50 mm. (3 in ).
  • Total head 32 m
  • Suction head 8 m
  • Max. pumping capacity 600 liters /min
  • Self-priming time (at 5 m.) 110 sec
  • Length 455 mm
  • Width 365 mm.
  • Dry weight 261kg
  • Displacement 118 cc.
  • Max. power output 2.9 kw (4.0 hp) / 3,600 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity 2.5 litre