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2" Electric Submersible Pump

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2" Electric Submersible Pump

Rates (including GST):

$70.00 half day

$90.00 full day

Equipment Description

This 2″ Electric Submersible Pump is ideal for emptying flooded basements, garages & swimming pools. Suitable for heavy duty drainage applications in clean or dirty water. Outlet designed so that it can be altered from vertical to horizontal. Twin mechanical seals, carbon ceramic and silicon carbide in a lubricated chamber. Complete with 10 metres of power cable.


  • Centrifugal Impeller
  • PX55022 230v 50Hz
  • 230v – 0.64Kw
  • 260 Litres Per Minute Maximum
  • 10 Metres Head Maximum
  • 2″ BSP Female Outlet c/w Hosetail Connection
  • H 308mm x W 180mm x L 190mm