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Tracked Dumper/Carrier C30R-3TV on Trailer

Recommended PPE

Transport Options

suitable tow vehicle.

tow bar.

Tracked Dumper/Carrier C30R-3TV on Trailer

Rates (including GST):

$375.00 half day

$500.00 full day

Plus diesel.

Long hire options available.

Equipment Description

Dumping along trenches can be tricky. But not with the C30R-3TV tracked dumper / carrier. The wagon comes mounted on a frame that turns 90° left and 90° right, so you can always see what you’re doing. That’s great for both safety and productivity. Naturally, it’s also a very compact carrier with a width of 1.5 metres, so you can operate on even the smallest job sites. And an ability to spin-turn 360° offers greater machine efficiency and better productivity for you.


  • Transport weight 2790kg
  • Operating Weight 2865kg
  • Payload 2500 kg
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Dumping angle 85°
  • Vessel dimensions (L x w x h) 2010 x 1390 x 505mm
  • Dumping mechanism 180 ° dumping
  • Dumping vessel capacity (struck / heaped) 1,13 / 1,50 m³
  • Dump clearance730 mm