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20" Petrol Stihl Chainsaw

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20" Petrol Stihl Chainsaw

Rates (including GST):

$80.00 half day

$110.00 full day

Plus 2 Stroke, Chainbar Oil.

Equipment Description

This 20" Petrol Stihl Chainsaw is designed for the most demanding tree care and forestry professionals, ideal for felling, delimbing and preparation of wood in medium-density stands. It is built with STIHL M-Tronic™ engine technology to deliver low-emission, fuel-efficient performance even under changing conditions. It also has a long-life HD2 air filter which you simply clean instead of replacing, while a pre-separation system removes large debris before they get into the air filter, increasing run time between cleanings.


  • Power Source Petrol
  • Engine Power (kW) 4
  • Displacement (cc) 66.8
  • Weight (kg) 5.8
  • Power to Weight Ratio (kg/kW) 1.5
  • STIHL Engine Type 2-MIX
  • Standard Guide Bar
  • STIHL Rollomatic ES Light 3/8 1.6 mm Guide Bar, 20 inches or 50 cm
  • Standard Chain Type
  • STIHL 3/8 Rapid Super, Full-Chisel Saw Chain, 20 inches or 50 cm
  • Max Wood Diameter 25 inches or 64 cm