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1740 PSI Electric Water Blaster

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1740 PSI Electric Water Blaster

Rates (including GST):

$75.00 half day

$100.00 full day

Equipment Description

At 10 LPM this electric power washer gives more water flow which means more cleaning power. It features a high rev motor to do this so will need a larger generator and a mains fed water supply. If you are looking for a portable compact pressure washer machine for brickwork, patios, vehicles and general cleaning, and have mains water and electric this is the best portable machine you can hire.


  • 240v
  • Ceramic coated stainless steel pistons
  • Teflon graphite piston rings
  • Brass pump head
  • Brass valve housings
  • 2800 rpm motor speed
  • 10 m (33 ft) hose
  • 5 m (16 ft) power cable
  • 10 LPM (2.6 gpm)
  • 120 bar (1740 psi) operating pressure
  • 135 bar (1958 psi) max pressure
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 440 x 200 x 330 mm