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400mm Concrete Saw / Power Cutter

Recommended PPE

Transport Options

standard vehicle.


400mm Concrete Saw / Power Cutter

Rates (including GST):

$90.00 half day

$120.00 full day

Plus $40.00 per mm bladewear, 2 Stroke

Equipment Description

The Husqvarna 400mm Concrete Saw / Power Cutter features a unique power-to-weight ratio. With a new Active Air Filtration as well as a highly efficient vibration dampening system. It has a new ergonomic rear handle with hand-friendly controls and is designed to rest well against the body. Ideal for heavier cutting of concrete and stone in alterations, renovations and new construction. It is perfect for cutting smaller holes and adjusting window and door openings, as well as for pipe, asphalt and metal cutting. It’s also ideal for cutting of curbstones and pavers in landscaping.


  • Engine Cylinder displacement 936 cm 3 4.8 kW
  • Blade size 400 mm
  • Cutting depth 145 mm
  • Weight 11kg