950mm Tile Cutter

Product Description

950mm Tile Cutter

Designed to be used by professionals and DIYers, the Sigma 3D2 950mm tile cutter. has a broad base to support porcelain and ceramic tiles, it is the professional tile cutter of choice.

The main characteristics of this tile cutter is its precision, low weight and ability to easily cut most common porcelain and ceramic tiles up to 20mm thick. Cutting of the tile is achieved by placing the tile against the measurement arm which can swivel in both directions up to 45 degrees allowing a neat and clean cut at any chosen.

The cutting handle is used to score and snap the tile. Scoring the tile by pulling the cutting wheel down the face of the tile towards the operator and snapping the tile by pushing the handle down towards the tile base.

Hire Rate

  • $60 Half Day
  • $80 Full Day

Prices Include GST


  • Brand: Sigma
  • Type: Manual PULL Style
  • Length Cut of: 950 mm
  • Max Cutting Thickness: 19 mm
  • Max Tile Diagonal Cutting Length: 670 x 670 mm
  • Blade/Wheel Diameter: 12 mm
  • Weight: 12.8kg
  • Applicable Material: Ceramics/Clay/Glass/Mosaics/Porcelain/Terracotta/Tiles/Vitrified


Tool Hire Taranaki recommends using all necessary safety equipment. We have safety equipment available for hire, for this equipment you would need:

  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection

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